Saturday, June 28, 2008

On My Way Here

Clay Aiken's newest album is spectacular. I have listened to it many times since it was released in May. Following a link to Youtube this morning I realized I had accumulated a variety of videos people have created using songs from On My Way Here. All kinds of montages, all kinds of very diverse subjects. This album clearly connects with many demographics.

Note - some users are having problems viewing these videos in Firefox 3.0

So let's see - there are those that bring two of my fandoms crashing together - for example, to the song Something About Us -

Who can forget the Apolo & Julianne season of "Dancing with the Stars"?

One of my favorite shows this last year which appears to be in danger of not being renewed. Moonlight. Mick and Beth definitely have chemistry. Unlike Jericho (RIP) where fans donated tons of peanuts in a rally to save the show, Moonlight fans are donating blood. No kidding.


Another Dancing With the Stars Video.

Set to
Sacrificial Love


One of my all time favorite movies, Gone With the Wind has even had the Clay Aiken treatment.

Set, of course, to
Sacrificial Love.

ETA - the following great video is also set to Gone With the Wind.

And, what better song to use -
Everything I Don't Need.


A couple of shows/movies I haven't watched - but worthy videos, none the less.

The Gilmore Girls - using Lover All Alone.


Grey's Anatomy lovers will adore this video set to Lover All Alone.


The movie Ironman - using Weight of the World. I want to see this movie when it comes out on DVD.


And, The Notebook - again Lover All Alone has been used. Another movie to add to my Netflix queue.

Last night I watched "Singing in the Rain". I sure had a huge crush on Gene Kelly when I was young - the following video is for all of us who love "the legends". Fred & Ginger. Judy. Sigh.

There certainly was Something About Us.


And for those who play video games we have:

Final Fantasy to the beautiful song, Ashes. I have no idea what this about, but the video is verra verra cool.


On the political front we have a couple of great videos featuring Barack Obama. So far, I have not seen any for the opposition. Get busy, montagers.

Grace of God. This video is very powerful. The montage maker did a great job matching the pictures/video with the words of the song.

After watching this touching video, I get all smooshy. There is, indeed, Something About Us in the Obama family.


Last one for today - a haunting video about homeless children set to
Lover All Alone.

Well now, that's the show for today. Hope you enjoy all these beautiful & well made videos.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Genealogy Blog
Lucien Brockunier Martin
The Fostoria Glass Years

The other day I received an E-Mail from regarding a new feature they had, and in checking it out I ended up thinking about my great-grandfather, Lucien Brockunier Martin. Lucien was born in 1853 and was the 19th child of Ebenezer Martin of Martins Ferry, Ohio. How Lucien came by his middle name will always intrigue me and will never, I am sure, be discovered. There is no family connection that I can determine between the Martin's and the Brockunier family. Lucien did work for the Hobbs, Brockunier Glass Company of Wheeling, WV and, along with William S. Brady and others, moved to Fostoria, Ohio to start up the Fostoria Glass Company in 1887.

Old postcard with a picture of the factory.

At a meeting February 1, 1888 in Fostoria, Ohio, the following were elected as directors of the new Fostoria Glass Company. W.S. Brady, Otto Jeager, L.B. Martin, Charles Foster and Charles E. Beam. Lucien B. Martin was elected president of the firm. The largest holder of stock was Sarah Zane (Hildreth) Brady (Mrs. W.S.) whose brother, B.M. Hildreth, was the Sales Manager.

Interesting genealogical note - Sarah Zane (Hildreth) Brady was Lucien's second cousin.

When the glass supply diminished in Fostoria, the company closed its doors (December 31, 1891) and moved to Moundsville, WV. They, of course, retained the name "Fostoria" and most of the workers moved with the company.Unfortunately, I only have Lucien's wife - Mary Emma (Lewis) Martin's diaries from 1900. It would have been interesting to read more about their years in Fostoria and Moundsville.

A Young Mary Emma (Lewis) Martin

Lucien B. Martin, his wife Mary & Phil Martin

at Home in Glendale, West Virginia

William Brady resigned from the Fostoria in 1900 but retained a financial interest. Lucien followed in 1901.

Mary's diary entry on March 1, 1901 -

Lucien home from Pittsburgh, he came early in the afternoon and went to factory. He says "I've gone & done it & if not for best you and Phil are to blame for it & if good follows, I did it!"

The Martin's, including their son Phil are off to Pittsburgh, Pa. The subject of the next blog being the National Glass years.

To read Mary's diary from 1901:

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