Monday, October 08, 2007

Goodbye Arizona....Hello Wisconsin

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Have been thinking about all of the places I have lived and I counted up 29 of them. Of course, when I was in college and right after and lived in apartments I moved around a lot, but I lived in 5 houses in 3 states when I still lived at home. I've added 4 states to that - so we have Ohio, Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona now off to Wisconsin. Arizona and Wisconsin are the only two states I have actually opted to live in as all the others were family or work related.

What a contrast this is going to be. Hot to cold.....and doing it just as winter starts. Brrrrr. Boy, I have really hated the heat here in Arizona and while it is true you do get kind of used to it after awhile it's just not fun to play outside - plus you just can't garden. So, I'm psyched.

Two more days and off I go.

Nice thing is........I will be located more centrally and be able to drive to Clay concerts. Watch. He will decide he's neglecting the Southwest and the West and I'll have to go back to flying. Nah.

I haven't finished the summer concert blogs and hope to get to them soon. Or not

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