Sunday, July 15, 2007

Clay Aiken - Summer Tour 2007

Last week I hopped a plane to Houston & Tulsa to see Clay's new tour. Coming from dry Arizona at 110 degrees to humid Houston was a shock! I forgot what humidity is all about - lived in Chicago for 5 years, but you do forget. It poured rain and was overcast the whole time I was there, but downtown Houston is very attractive and of course I WAS there for the concert.

The pre-party was at an Italian Restaurant and was well attended. Won several pins I did not have in the raffle, which was nice. One was a new Clay in Texas pin, one the Clack Gatherers and the third was the Clay Nation Hurricane Relief pin. I have quite a collection of these pins.

After the party we strolled down the block to find this:

Nice start to a wonderful evening. My seat, although to the side was excellent and I had a great view of the stage. Clay started off with "Here You Come Again", strolling onto the stage singing, followed by "Everything I Have" and then a duet with Quiana that was even better than the Suzie McNeil duet on the album.

A couple more songs from the album and a medley of TV theme songs completed the first half. Quiana did a very nice version of "When the Lights Go Down".

Second half started off with an excellent "Without You", which I almost missed as I decided to visit the ladies room and got into a conversation with a couple of young ladies who were there more because of the symphony than Clay, but who were having a wonderful time and were full of all kinds of questions about Clay....which I was more than happy to answer. Always fun to run into new fans.

Some Pictures:

The highlight of the second half of the concert is a toss up between the hilarious "classics" medley and the poignant and bittersweet "Lover All Alone". Check out these two segments - via You Tube. Go to the Clay Jukebox in the right hand frame and click on the square to turn of the jukebox before you click on the You Tube links.

Classic's Medley

Lover All Alone

Next blog....a little about Tulsa.

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